Red Stag Seasonal Espresso

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Our best selling seasonal espresso.
A dynamite blend of our favourite coffees from Latin America and East Africa
Bold and fruity with a lovely lingering chocolate finish.


We buy seasonally so the components for our Red Stag change throughout the year but we always aim for a cup that is sweet and fruity with a lovely chocolate aftertaste – a coffee that can stand alone as espresso but is equally phenomenal in milk.

At the moment the blend comprises:
60% Brazil Fazenda do Lobo; Yellow Catucai; Natural Process
30% Guatemala Finca San Jeronimo; Catuai; Honey Processed
10% Kenya Theri; SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11; Fully washed and sun dried

We recommend the following brew recipe as a guide:

dose: 18g
brew temp: 96C
brew time: 27-31 secs
brew weight: 36g

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