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Coffee Regions

Coffee is grown in many countries around the world, and each region presents its own flavours and charm while every country within those regions boasts its own coffee style and traditional processing methods.

Close up of a smiling worker picking coffee in Guatemala

Central America

Subtle and balanced but also complex and nuanced: coffees from Central America come in all shapes and sizes.

Traditionally dominated by high-grown washed coffees, farmers in countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica are increasingly experimenting with new processing techniques and producing some outstanding results.

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South America

Dominated by Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producer, South America nonetheless boasts a wide range of growing regions and uniquely flavourful coffees.

Colombia produces more arabica coffee than any other country, while Bolivia is where our coffee journey began and boasts our longest direct-trade relationship.

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Close up of a coffee worker smiling at the camera at a washing station in Rwanda


Sparkling washed Kenyans, floral or fruity Ethiopians, and big round complex Ugandans: Africa produces some of the most spectacular coffees around.

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A worker sorting processed green coffee on raised beds in East Timor, courtesy of Karst Organics


We are only just beginning to explore the range of flavours and coffees available from Asia. Currently we are focusing on developing our relationship with farmers in East Timor, where the whole country produces organic coffee by default.

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