Published 29 May 2023


This May we were thrilled to support the Scottish speciality coffee scene by running a Glen Lyon stall at the Glasgow Coffee Fest. We have been a few times over the years so thought that this time around we would offer something completely different.

Using our experience working with our friends at Wasted Degrees Brewing, with whom we have collaborated on cold brew in various forms over the past year, we decided to take our experiments a step further and offer samples of kegged cold brew infused with nitrogen.

Welcome to nitro cold brew.


Have you ever tried a Guiness? Nitro cold brew is basically that, but with coffee instead of beer. We make cold brew by steeping coarse-ground coffee in water overnight, which results in a smooth, flavourful beverage served over ice. With nitro, the cold brew is infused with nitrogen gas that creates a creamy, velvety-smooth texture and a thick head—much like a Guiness. Served cold, and black, it’s a deliciously different way to enjoy coffee, perfect for those long hot(ish) Scottish summer days.

Cold brew has been a speciality coffee staple for decades, especially in the United States where almost every cafe offers some variation through the summer. It’s now moved into the mainstream, as big brands like Starbucks and Dunkin’ jump on the cold brew bandwagon to match US consumers’ growing preference for iced drinks. Nitro, meanwhile, has been around for about ten years and is slowly gaining a foothold in the speciality world.

Over this side of the pond cold brew has been growing in popularity, but nitro has yet to fully catch on in Scotland. We’d like to change that.


This summer we’ll be launching nitro on the bar at our roastery cafe in Aberfeldy (thanks, Wasted Degrees!). We’re excited to try out some different coffees to see what sorts of flavours this unique brew method brings out. At the Glasgow Coffee Festival our Uganda Bukonzo Dream was a hit with its smooth notes of strawberry milkshake, so we’ll be experimenting whenever we have a new coffee.

These will be limited-run offerings—we’re keeping things small to ensure freshness and so that we can change it up and try new things. This means that one week you might be able to try a washed Ethiopia Sidamo, another week a fresh crop of the popular natural-processed Costa Rica San Isidro Volcan Azul. Will nitro bring out hidden depths, or accentuate already-there flavours? We’re not sure either! You’ll just have to stop in and have a taste.

Keep an eye out on our social media for when the latest coffee is available to try. Nitro is a unique tasting experience, and a must for the adventurous coffee lovers out there. We can’t wait to see what you think!

Fionn Pooler

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