West Coast Roast


250g, Whole Beans

Our best selling West Coaster. A stellar combination of fresh crop Colombia Flor Penna and Kenya Mwiria AB. Perfect for those that love a bright, sweet filter coffee.

Farm: Villa Hermosa
Varietal: Red and Yellow Colombia
Processing: 36 hour fermentation and dried on Parabolic beds
Altitude: 1750m above sea level
Owner: Flor Penna
Region: Pedregal, Inza, Cauca

Farm: Kenya Mwiria AB
Varietal: SL28
Processing: Fully washed
Altitude: 1800m – 2000m above sea level
Owner: Smallholders delivering to Mwiria Factory

A beautiful balanced blend of two of our most stellar coffees in the roastery right now. Inspired by our love of the Hebrides we roast this one to its brightest, sweetest best. Perfect for filter.

Weight 250 g


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