The Stravaiger Coffee Kit


All the kit you need for brewing up the perfect coffee on your travels.


stravaigv. (Scots, Irish) to meander, stroll, wander

We love nothing more than a good wander in the great outdoors and whether you are out on the hill, river, beach or road the Stravaiger has everything you need to brew up the perfect coffee on the go. Featuring a hand grinder, an aeropress, a bag of our best selling West Coast Roast and a cool enamel camp mug all fitting neatly into one of our insulated, leakproof  Black + Blum kit bags, you won’t find a better companion for your coffee adventures.

1 x Aeropress
1 x Porlex mini coffee grinder
1 x Glen Lyon enamel camp mug
1 x 250g of our West Coast Roast coffee beans
1 x Black & Blum Kit Bag