Colombia Nuevo Bilbao

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An exciting collaboration from four farms working in the former conflict red zone of Nuevo Bilbao with notes of honeycomb, blackberry and hibiscus.


Farms: La Betania, Los Andes, El Tesoro and El Rosal
Owner: Nuevo Bilbao Smallholders
Altitude: 1780-1950 metres above sea level
Varietal: Caturra, Colombia F8, Castillo and Typica
Process: 45hrs double fermentation, fully washed and sun dried
Town/region: Nuevo Bilbao, Tolima
Harvest Date: 2021

An exciting smallholder collaboration from within the former conflict Red Zone area of Bilbao, Tolima. This coffee has been selected and blended from three farms ranging from 0.5 -1.5 hectares. The care and attention given to processing are evident in the cup’s unique profile.

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