Honduras Gualme Decaf


A beautiful sparkling water processed decaffeinated coffee with caramel, butterscotch and red apple notes.

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Farm: Gualme
Varietal: Caturra and Catuai
Altitude: 1450m above sea level
Owner: ARUCO co-operative
Region: Copan

This washed lot comes from producers situated in the Gualme area of Corquin, Copan. Gualme is a relatively high altitude area with temperature swings and high humidity. This results ingreat acidity and complexity but it’s a challenging environment in which to dry coffee. Producers in this area deliver their coffee to a centralised drying facility that our import partners Falcon Specialty implemented this year, in collaboration with the Aruco cooperative. By accessing this drying facility, they are able to reproduce stable conditions which are much more suited to drying coffee, and so give the best chance for these coffees to shine. The coffee has been decaffeinated by the gentle sparkling water method.