Guatemala San Pedro Smallholders


Whole Beans, 250g

A collaboration of three smallholder farmers from Huehuetenango committed to quality. This coffee has the classic sweet, bright profile that we so love in our Guats with delicate notes of citrus fruit and caramel. A delight!

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Farm: Community of San Pedro
Producers: The Jimenez, Mendez and Jacinto Families
Altitude: 1450 to 1600m above sea level
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon
Process: Fully washed and sun dried on patios
Region: Huehuetenango

Our export partner Coffee Bird started working with Fredy Morales in 2014 by helping him find customers for half of the coffee from his family farm, Finca Rosma.

After he found homes for his coffee, Fredy and his wife Yadi and Fredy’s brother, Alex, were able to embark on a small scale project, helping the small holders neighbouring their farm by teaching them how to process quality coffee.

Each producer processes their own coffee. They pulp the coffee by hand, use a plastic bin to remove floaters, ferment for 22-24 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is washed and moved to the channels. The time spent here depends on the capacity of each farm/parcel.

Most parcels of land benefit from natural spring water. In some cases, the growers don’t have access to water. In this case, the coffee will be quickly washed in channels. Once the water runs clear, the coffee is then moved to patios where it is dried for 7-10 days during sunny periods, or up to 20 during cloudy days.

Once the coffee is dried, Yadi cups every day lot, and combines similar qualities and profiles together creating each coffee lot.

The vision behind Coffee Bird is to provide a platform based on trust and integrity, to connect quality driven farmers and roasters, and cut through the standard post colonial barriers. There is so much work that goes behind growing coffee and making it through each harvest and it’s a great pleasure seeing people grow and thrive as is the case with Fredy and these small holders.

As part of this collaboration, these growers are supported with new plants, fertilisers, processing education and on going support year round.