Guatemala El Durazno

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A super creamy and delicious white honey processed coffee from the wonderful Ventura Family. Notes of brown sugar, white peach and caramel. A real treat.


Farm: Finca El Durazno
Owner: The Ventura Family
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: White Honey
Altitude: 1500-1700m above sea level
Town/Region: San Pedro Pinula, Jalapa, Nuevo Oriente

The Ventura family have been growing coffee for five generations and are also the owners of  a farm called Finca Rabanales (a coffee which we first bought and thoroughly enjoyed last year.) In 2012, the family purchased Finca El Durazno in Nuevo Oriente, the easternmost coffee growing region of Guatemala. The mountainous and volcanic land on the farm had originally been used for forestry and the Venturas were the first to plant coffee on it. The changing climate  (this is an area known for its rainy and cloudy days) certainly proved testing but the Venturas love nothing more than a challenge and the results are clear to see in the cup.

During the harvest, after coffee picking is finished (around 4 pm), the freshly picked and sorted coffee is loaded into a truck. The truck travels to the Ventura’s other farm at Finca Rabanales for processing. The truck arrives around 1-2 am, and the cherries rest over night. At 7 am, the coffee is immediately pulped, and passes through a demucilager to remove the excess mucilage. The freshly washed parchment then moves to the patio via a channel.

Then the coffee is dried in the sun for an average of 8 to 13 days. The coffee is checked using a moisture reader. Once it reaches its ideal moisture degree it is packed and stored in their farm’s warehouse. When the weather is drizzly there is a guardiola or dryer on site. If the dryer is utilised, the coffee is dried at 24-35 degrees Celsius. The process is a mix of using the dryers, and resting for a few hours, and then heating up again.

Read more about the honey process that this coffee goes through on our journal page HERE

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