Guatemala Panibaj Community


Whole Beans, 250g

Dark chocolate, green apple and floral notes – a real treat!

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Farm: Panibaj Community
Varietal: 100% Bourbon
Altitude: 1600m above sea level
Process: Fully washed and sun dried
Region: Atitlan, Solola

We’re so thrilled to bring this delicious coffee to Scotland, the result of our March sourcing trip to Antigua, Guatemala with The Coffee Bird.

The community in village of Panibaj near Lake Atitlan have recently built their own wet mill. This means that rather than simply sell raw coffee cherry for low prices to local buyers the community can now sell their processed coffee for much more as specialty grade on the international market. Walfre Baltizar, the driving force behind the project, strongly believes that the future for communities suggest as his at Panibaj are dependent on these higher prices for coffee.

Although Panibaj community doesn’t as yet have the means to be organically certified the plants are grown entirely by what Walfre calls ‘artisanal methods’. Organic fertiliser made from composted coffee pulp is dug into the base of every plant and greater care is taken with how they are tended.

Only ripe cherries are hand picked before being soaked, washed and then dried on patios for two to three days. The beans are turned every two hours and are only ready when they reach between 10% and 12% humidity. It is a real labour of love and Walfre is very proud of the care and attention that is put into processing the community’s coffee.