Ethiopia Sidama Bombe

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A stellar explosion of jasmine, bergamot and black tea. Our favourite Ethiopian is back for another year!


Farm/mill: Bombe
Altitude: 2000 -2400m above sea level
Process: Dry fermentation
Varietal: Heirloom
Region: Bombe, Sidama

This coffee is named after the Bombe Mountains where most of the producers live. The dry fermentation way of processing this coffee came about after Kenean, the son of Asefa Dukamo owner-manager of Daye Bensa, visited Guatemala and was impressed with the processing protocols at La Esperanza, Antigua.  In this process, no water is added to the tank during fermentation (hence “dry”) post-de-mucilaging and the warm and dry environment means fermentation kicks in faster than normal, activating esters and resulting in complex red fruit flavours while still maintaining all the bright, clean notes that come from being a fully washed coffee. This process uses a LOT less water and so helps the environmental sustainability of its production.

Producers from the Shantawene, Bombe, and Keramo communities deliver their very best cherries to the Bombe site where they are separated into specific fermentation tanks and drying locations. The layout and good management of Bombe washing station allow for special processing techniques, such as shaded fermentation tanks and washing channels as well as mesh shaded drying tables. The wet mill is well-organized and run by a team including member Atkilt Dejene, a female agronomist who has also worked with the award-winning Gesha Village project and processing specialist Eyasu Bekele, whom our import partner Falcon worked with for the Reko Koba project several years running. The volume capacity at Bombe washing station is at max 2.5 million kgs of cherries, but for the past couple of years, this site has maintained a strict dedication to producing outstanding quality above quantity.

250g is packed in a TUV Austria Compostable Certified white bag. This is suitable for a well managed home composter but better suited to industrial composting. We have a twice monthly industrial compost collection from our roastery in Aberfeldy and are happy process any bags returned to us.
1KG is packed in Biodegradable ‘True Bio’ Kraft bag. The True Bio Bag is a bag made from biodegradable materials, with all major layers certified as biodegradable under EU EN13432 standards, which is the strictest standard in existence.

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