Costa Rica Aquiares Red Honey


Whole Beans, 250g

An exceptional red honey processed lot from our favourite Costa Rican family with notes of honey, apricot and dark chocolate.

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Farm: Aquiares Estate
Varietal: Centroamericano
Process: Red Honey
Altitude: 1200m-1400m above sea level
Owner: Robelo Family
Region: Aquaires, Turialba

Established by British farmers in 1890, Aquiares was one of the first estates to produce and export Costa Rican coffee. The farm in the region Turrialba was bought in 1971 by three families who have since worked together with the farm´s staff and community to implement a modern model of sustainable agriculture. Today the Estate is the largest continuous coffee farm in Costa Rica, covering 924 hectares, 80% of which is planted under shade-grown Arabica.

This centroamericano lot was grown on the highest parts of the farm. The hand-picked cherries are de-pulped and then dried with the mucilage still attached – the resulting red-honey process gives the coffee an especially delicious creamy and fruity knock-out taste.

Aquiares means ‘land between rivers’ in Costa Rica’s Huetar indigenous language. Coffee plots grow high on the fertile slopes of Turrialba Volcano. The numerous rivers and streams that run through the plantation are protected by forested buffer zones. In addition over 50,000 shade trees have been planted in recent years to improve the quality of the coffee and provide a canopy for insects and birds. The farm’s innovative environmental management was recognized in 2002 with Rainforest Alliance Certification and as of last year the farm has been classed by stringent regulations set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as carbon neutral!