Colombia Pink Panther

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Introducing the deliciousness that is… Pink Panther!
From a group of women producers from Colombia’s Huila Province, we love the pink grapefruit and Demerara sugar notes we find in the cup.


Producers: A number of women producers from San Augustin working with Cata Export.
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1700-1800 metres above sea level
Process: Fully Washed
Region: San Augustin/Salado Blanco, Huila

Pink Panther is a blend put together by our export partner Cata who work alongside Martha Zuñiga and Marcelli (pictured here with her mother) sourcing coffee from a number of like minded farms growing the pink bourbon varietal and using a specific fermentation protocol.
Cata’s aim is to produce bigger volumes each year of this profile where the wives and daughters of those producers they already buy from can have their own female project, finding independence through Pink Panther.
There are 5 women directly involved in the production of Pink Panther, however Cata also buy cherry from some neighbouring farms which can extend to more than 20 women involved.

These group of coffee growers work together towards implementing agro-ecological practices that contribute to the conservation and preservation of the environment.

The fertilization that is carried out in these farms is based on at least 50 % organic production management, (relying on a greater proportion of biological waste, composting of organic matter and the application of mineral elements.)  Coffee pulp (a by-product of coffee production) is one of the main sources for soil fertilization on the farms.

Only ripe selected cherries are selected which are the fermented in water for 24 hours in traditional tanks. The entire process  of which is carried out by hand. the coffee is then dried in marquesinas ( a bit like what we would think of as poly tunnels) , a very common way of sun drying coffee in Colombia. The dryer has variable temperatures that can reach up to 55°, taking up to 20 days to complete this process.

Marcelli, Martha and their team explain that working with the neighbours to produce this blend allows them to share their knowledge of coffee production. Every producer involved has a different passion within the coffee field. For instance, some of them enjoy researching microorganisms or the fermentation process, but others like Marcelli also enjoy the sensory side. Many of their sons/daughters are into barista training and roasting, skills that empower them to improve the cup profile for this blend.

250g is packed in a TUV Austria Compostable Certified white bag. This is suitable for a well managed home composter but better suited to industrial composting. We have a twice monthly industrial compost collection from our roastery in Aberfeldy and are happy process any bags returned to us.
1KG is packed in Biodegradable ‘True Bio’ Kraft bag. The True Bio Bag is a bag made from biodegradable materials, with all major layers certified as biodegradable under EU EN13432 standards, which is the strictest standard in existence.

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