Colombia Finca El Chocho


Whole Beans, 250g

A lovely soft acidity, with creamy notes of milk chocolate and stone fruits. We LOVE this farm.

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Farm: Finca El Chocho
Varietals: Caturra and Colombia
Process: Fermented for 24 hours, washed and sun dried
Altitude: 1,800m above sea level
Owner: Juan Crisostomo Marin and Margarita Lopez Diaz,
Region: Jardin, Antioquia

This was one of our favourite farms that we visited in beautiful Antioquia earlier this year. Owned by the lovely Marin family it is producing some exceptionally delicious coffee at the moment. In fact El Chocho jumped out to us on the cupping table in Colombia back in January so we are very happy to have recently taken a small delivery of this year’s crop.  Juan Crisostomo Marin and his wife, Margarita Lopez Diaz, purchased Finca El Chocho in 1983. When they first married (nearly a decade earlier), they had agreed that their wedding present to themselves would one day be to buy their own farm and that they would finally stop working on other people’s farms as labourers. Buying El Chocho, named after the ‘Chocho’ (Ormosia var.) tree that grows near the farm’s patio, was the realisation of that joint project, and the couple have never looked back since.

They have since joined up with the Cooperative de Caficultores de Andes, a regional cooperative whose microlot program has helped transform Antioquia’s coffee industry, and have managed to develop a very high quality coffee with the co-op’s help. Truly, the farm is an equal partnership. Doña Margarita attends the regular trainings that Cooperandes holds and is widely recognised as a leader in her town. Don Crisostomo (as he is called locally) conducts most of the work on the farm, along with his son, who helps with every task. Together, the family has worked hard to make the farm the very best it can be, and they have even succeeded in gaining Fair Trade certification for the farm. The earnings have been enough that Don Crisostomo’s daughter has been able to continue her studies.