Colombia Finca Camelia


Whole Beans – 250g

A fabulous coffee from Antioquia – big notes of plum, strawberry and chocolate.

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Farm: Finca Camelia

Varietal: Colombia & Caturra

Processing: Washed, two days mix of fermentation & dried in silos at 40 degrees

Altitude: 1,800 metres above sea level

Owner: Echavarria Family

Town / City: El Vergel

Region: Antioquia

Finca La Camelia was first acquired by the Echaverria Family more than 30 years ago and was, in fact, the first farm purchased of what is now known as Santa Barbara Estate. Its steep slopes are located in the highest section of the  town of El Vergel, before the road curves down to meet the Cauca River Valley.

Santa Barbara Estate is composed of 5 sister farms (including Camelia) that lie across three neighbouring, geographical regions – Santa Barbara, Fredonia and Amagá. The family began to consolidate the farms in the 1980s, from the beginning Sr. Pedro Echavarria knew that location was crucial. Attracted by diverse microclimates, singular volcanic soils, perfect altitude and a tradition of excellence in coffee production, he established Camelia in the high Andes of Antioquia and slowly went about acquiring more land over time. By marrying these perfect natural conditions with hard work and efficiency, he quickly grew both the area under cultivation and the farm’s reputation.