Colombia Daniel Muñoz

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A very special microlot with notes of raspberry, peach and hibiscus


Producer: Daniel Muñoz Ordoñez
Farm: Villa Camila
Varietals: Geisha and Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1680 metres above sea level
Town: Llanada de Narajos
Region: San Augustin, Huila

Daniel Muñoz, a producer from the municipality of San Agustin, grows coffee on 5.5 hectares of land under the shade of Nogal, Plantain, Guamo and other native trees in the Colombian province of Huila. Passionate about good agricultural and processing practices, Daniel is also a keen roaster and cupper too.

At Finca Villa Camila fertilization is carried out based on a 50% organic production management plan, which uses a large proportion of composted organic matter from the farm and the application of mineral elements.

Daniel harvests the coffee cherries at optimal maturity. Each batch that is picked is then fermented separately for around 24 hours in tanks of water using microorganisms from the farm (called saccharomyces) which encourage lactic and alcoholic processes. Later the coffee is pulped and placed in dry fermentation tanks for another 24 hour period. Finally it is washed and taken to the sun dryer marquesina with fans to control the temperature. Here the  coffee takes between 18 to 25 days to reach 11% moisture content.

We are excited to be working with our export partner Cata who has helped source this lot for us and are thrilled to be able to share Daniel’s coffee with you. As Daniel says: “Coffee allows us to create social connections which give a lot of value to the work I do as producer. The world of coffee is wide and this motivates me to study in depth coffee agriculture and processes. I hope to contribute to this industry to leave a legacy to my family and community. The relationships within the entire chain are a fundamental part in the process of producing coffee, that is why being able to know who is the final consumer/buyer is important to me”.

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